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we’ve been working on this for a couple of months now. Dan Ibarra is an old friend, and he is one of the 2 awesome sob’s behind Aesthetic Apparatus. not only are they some of my favorite designers around, they are also great guys, and we share a lot of the same ideas about how and why art gets made, and how you get it done. we spent many, MANY long hours talking about what kind of different educational models there could be for making art: not “designing” or “making comics”, but just the lifelong practice of needing to do stuff, regardless of the discipline you ascribe to. what would WE want from a program? what kind of things are common across the board for creative types, regardless of what stage their “career” is at (or even if they want a career) or how they apply that need to make stuff (commercially? not at all? somewhere in the middle?). we pulled as many of those ideas as we could into this summer program we’ve concocted, and tried to think of some ideas outside of the normal academic “we teach you, you learn” model. it is really really exciting. read the whole thing in the link.


21st Anniversary Sale

welcome to the La Mano site. it’s been new for a while, but i neglected to tell anyone, so maybe it’s new to you. welcome.

there’s been a big hullabaloo recently about the 20 year reissue of Nirvana’s In Utero. which made me think, i am OLD, but also: hey, i remember that (it was strange in a way i can’t describe to you young folk). i was living in Oakland california, and a year before that the very first La Mano publication–a 2-color split comic betwixt me and La Mano co-founder Mr. Mike– was born. and that made me think: holy shit, that’s 21 years ago.
and now, all those years later, La Mano is still a thing.

i’m not sure what it was at the outset, or exactly what kind of “thing” it is now, in 2013. but it’s turned into many things in the interim: a “label” for my self-published zines, a “real” publisher of books, and in recent years a conduit for some weird, weird objects which increasingly shuffle their way back along the exact same impulse that got me doing it in the first place: making stuff just to MAKE STUFF, using your own hands and whatever you can lay your hands on.

for instance: i swore the last RECIDIVIST (in 2005) was the final issue. now i’m talking it back: the new one is half finished.

it’s a zine. printed in 3 colors on my risograph and the offset press, newsprint, folded and stapled. out in the early new year.

and then, i don’t know what’s next.

but whatever it is, you can rest assured that it won’t look or feel or sound like anything else.

the entire world has changed in 21 years. and that’s fine (sort of).

but some things stay the same, like it or not. La Mano is still here, somehow.

in the meantime, i’m in the mood to clear the decks a bit.

from now until christmas, many La Mano items will be for sale ridiculously cheap– 50- 75% off cover price.


1) because i am a terrible businessman, and
2) because i want to get rid of some boxes in my studio and
3) because i would rather have you reading them than NOT reading them. that is what we made them for. YOU SHOULD HAVE THEM, NOT ME.

this isn’t a plea for help or a direct funding outreach; it’s a good old fashioned sale.

but here’s the rundown:

RECIDIVIST : $5 (regular $15)
LIKE A DOG: $10 (cover price $23)
THE KIM DEITCH FILES (regular edition) $20 (cover price $45)
THE KIM DEITCH FILES (deluxe edition) $50 (cover price $125)
SAMMY THE MOUSE VOL 1: $5 (cover price $14)
FEAR OF SONG CD: $5 ($13)

i’m doing a flat rate on all book orders of $2.50 (media mail). order more than one book and i’ll eat the extra.

both Deitch Files and the posters will be $10 more for shipping. overseas orders email me and we’ll work it out.

each and every order will come with this:

it’s the original, 2 sided cover to Recidivist #2 (i paid a ton of $ to have these printed, then would photocopy the interior pages as i needed them). complete with single french fold. it’s actually pretty beautiful, and i’ll sign it for you, as well.


zak sally.


more detail stuff on the site is imminent, but in the meantime, i’m packing up the car LATE tomorrow evening and driving to South Beloit to pick up John Porcellino and Noah Van Sciver, and together we will then drive like maniacs for the next 14 hours until we arrive in Toronto in order to attend TCAF. last year was pretty fantastic, and this year will be as well: in addition to the aforementioned pals, La Mano will also be seeing old pals like Tom Neely/ I Will Destroy You, Sparkplug Comic Books, 2D Cloud, Koyama Press, and many, many more. i’m excited.

i’ve also neglected to update with some great press La Mano has garnered lately, for Sammy the Mouse vol 1 (by yrs truly): here’s one from the San Francisco Weekly, another from the Onion, a long interview (which i’m very proud of) at Robot 6, and a nice one from Canada’s Daily Mail.

maybe more that i’m forgetting, but forget it.

best, zak.

(do i need to mention that the prices on stuff over to the right are POSTAGE PAID? well, they are, just consult the drop down menu.)


welcome to the new La Mano site.

it’s been a long time coming, i suppose, but here it is. obviously, it’s still in the works– very soon, there will be detail pages for each of the individual books featuring info, press quotes, sample pages and all that. eventually we’ll have an artist page as well.

but, for the time being, i wanted a functional place for people to directly order the new La Mano items– Sammy the Mouse Vol 1, the new John Porcellino silkscreen print, the TOOTH book, and the new La Mano T-shirts.

there you have it. more very soon.

i promise.

thanks and best




Zak Sally

Like a Dog


Dead Ringer



Zak Sally