Sammy The Mouse, Vol. 1

BY Zak Sally

Collecting the first 3 issues of the Eisner-nominated cartoonist Zak Sally's acclaimed Ignatz series (originally released through Fantagraphics Books), this low-priced volume presents the new, ongoing format for the story. In addition, Zak Sally himself printed the books on his own offset press, giving this volume a uniquely handsome quality.

"Sally is producing a real sharp, evocative and haunting work that manages to send a deli- cious chill up my spine upon reading it."

- Chris Mautner, Robot 6

"Nothing else I’ve seen in thirty years of self- enforced sobriety has made me want a drink more than Sammy the Mouse. Zak Sally grabs you by the eyes and drags you headlong into a vision of earnest struggle and serial revelation. It feels real. Hell, it is real."

- Jim Woodring

"And then there’s Zak Sally’s Sammy The Mouse which for me has been a revelation…"

- Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter